Beverly Phillips: Always Helping Others

July 3, 2019

SALEWhen Bay Area native Beverly Phillips came to Sterling Court in September of 2017, things felt very familiar to her.

“My elementary school only went up to 6th grade, and for 7th grade we were bussed to a different school,” Beverly explained while sitting in her apartment at Sterling Court. “And that school was where Sterling Court stands today! What a small world.”

Life has truly taken Beverly full circle. After high school, she studied eclectic subjects – and played lots of tennis – at the College of San Mateo before transferring to San Jose State. After graduating, she became a teacher, a profession that would bring her immense joy and satisfaction over the next 32 years.

“I really enjoyed teaching!” Beverly shared. “I taught 2nd grade, 5th grade, and Junior High. I enjoyed aspects of all the different grades I had.”

During her career, Beverly applied for a leave-of-absence in order to teach children whose parents were serving in the military overseas. She was approved, and spent a year teaching in Germany.

“Teaching overseas was a wonderful experience,” she said. “It led me to want to teach social studies, which I ended up doing.” She enjoyed the experience so much, she did it again a few years later.

After taking an early retirement, Beverly moved to Auburn, CA. There, she pursued one of her favorite hobbies: golf.

“I lived right by a golf course and played all the time,” she said. “I even got a hole in one once!” She went on golf trips, playing on some of the best courses around the world. Her travels have taken her throughout most of Europe, twice through Russia, and twice through China – including once by boat. “That at was a long trip!” she laughed.

Beverly also gave back to her community, volunteering her time for several different organizations. She helped the 1st grade teacher at a local elementary school, worked for a thrift shop, and was an active member in the Assistance League, a volunteer organization comprised entirely of women., “A league of only women,” she said, proudly. “They could run the country!”

Keeping busy during retirement is something that remains important to Beverly. Besides golf, travel, and volunteering, she also keeps in contact with many friends from her teaching days – including the sister of a fellow Sterling Court resident – and has lunch with them often. She also makes time to see her nephew, who lives in San Mateo.

Since arriving to Sterling Court, Beverly has enjoyed many different activities. She counts the Friday lecture series with Michael Svanevik as her favorite, and has even attended his lectures elsewhere. A lifelong fan of pinochle, Beverly found other residents who enjoy the game and a group was formed that plays every Saturday.

Although she may be retired, it’s clear that a teacher’s soul still resides within Beverly. When asked what has been most important to her during her time at Sterling Court so far, she offered, “Helping new people. Every day I learn something new here, and I always pass it along whenever I can.”

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