Engaging in New Hobbies for Health and Happiness

May 24, 2018
Find a Furry Friend

Pets offer companionship, a purpose, and have been shown to reduce stress and lower blood pressure. Furry friends also encourage exercise since they require walks or daily play and interaction to stay fit and active. They also contribute to boosting social interaction since they are natural ice breakers. Birds, cats, and small dogs are welcome at Sterling Court, so consider adding an animal companion to your home today.

Unlock Your Inner Artist

1Artistic ventures encompass a variety of hobbies that provide excellent health benefits. Knitting, scrapbooking, journaling, painting, and pottery are all activities that encourage mental focus and stimulation while also providing relaxation. The act of creating is also linked to self-esteem, especially as you see your artistic skills improve with each effort. Even better, making art with friends folds a social element into the hobby, keeping you connected to fellow hobbyists and creating an environment ideal for teaching, learning, and advancing your talents. Sterling Court offers a multitude of art classes that you can sign up for – take a look at our calendar on page 4 to see which classes suit you.

Explore the Virtues of Volunteering

Volunteering is a hobby that pays returns twofold – to the recipient of your services and to you. Research has shown that the positive effects of volunteering include reduced rates of depression and isolation and increased emotional stability. The National Institute on Aging has reported that participating in purposeful engagements like volunteering can even lower the risk of chronic health issues and improve longevity.

Tutoring a younger generation, assisting neighbors with household tasks and errands, or volunteering with animals or at a cultural institution are just a few ways you can dedicate your time and effort to your surrounding community.

Try Your Hand at Cards

Whether an actual card game, like bridge, or another activity like Scrabble or bingo, playing games is a great hobby for socializing and keeping sharp. Research shows that seniors who regularly participate in mentally stimulating games have healthier brains and better recall than those who do not. Scientific studies have also shown that those who utilize their brains in this way can build up brainsaving reserves that help delay the effects of Alzheimer’s and allow for a longer, healthier life.

SterlingCourt79329MPJAt Sterling Court, we offer a full calendar of activities that cover a variety of interests – from history lectures to floristry demonstrations to Rummikub. Schedule time to participate in your favorite activity or take time to explore something new that you may not have tried before. You’ll gain the positive benefits that accompany engaging in a hobby and may even uncover a hidden talent in the process!

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