Resident Spotlight: Mil Sidell

April 5, 2018

Mil Sidell: Surrounded by Friendly Faces

Warm and friendly, Milroy “Mil” Sidell has an appreciation for the light-hearted. This is made evident by his extensive collection of caricatures, a select few of which adorn the walls of his Sterling Court home.

UntitledMil was born and raised in blizzardy Grand Island, Nebraska, and stayed in state to attend the University of Nebraska where he studied business administration. “The winters were very cold, but the summers were even hotter,” Mil recalls. When his parents retired to the more temperate climate of Los Angeles, Mil followed their lead and moved out west upon graduation. “I was talking about the cold weather at lunch today and said that I never want to go back to shoveling snow!”

Once he arrived in California, Mil embarked on a career in business, specifically working with health insurance claims. He worked for a few companies over the years but ultimately spent 24 years with American Insurance Consultants until retirement. He enjoyed his life in Los Angeles and still has the home there that he bought 50 years ago.

When asked what brought him to the Bay Area, Mil tells me it was his family.

“I have a son, Michael, and daughter-in-law, Emily, who have my two grandchildren, Cori and Matthew,” Mil tells me. “Matthew works in San Jose and Cori is at Carnegie Mellon, but I talk to Michael every day and see him frequently. Tomorrow we are going to Benihana to celebrate my birthday.” Mil’s birthday was last month on March 14.

Mil cherishes the memories with Michael and his grandkids, recalling a rainy Disneyland vacation as one particularly fond, albeit wet, adventure he had with his family years ago. But with friends, it’s all about cruises and gambling.

Back when Mil was working, he and a group of coworkers would visit Las Vegas regularly, and in Los Angeles he would spend early evenings after work at The Bicycle casino near his home. Over the years Mil has also taken several cruises to the Bahamas and Mexico.

A Sterling Court resident since December, Mil is settling in well and likes the full social calendar. “I enjoy the people, food, and activities. We just took a trip to Graton (Casino) and I had a good time with that,” he smiles.

Back to the caricatures, Mil indicates a favorite that he keeps close at hand. “That’s my wife, Paula,” he says, pointing to a cheerful drawing. “The kids visit and I like to have her picture here where her son and grandkids can see her.”

Whether through the engaging conversation or the colorful portraits around him, one thing is sure: a visit with Mil is guaranteed to be full of smiling faces.

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