Resident Spotlight: Kaye O’Halloran

October 2, 2017

Kaye O’Halloran: Bay Area Born and Raised


You know a party went well when seven of the couples that met at it get married shortly afterward. Kaye O’Halloran just happened to be one of those brides.

But let’s back up for a moment, to a time before the infamous cocktail party.

Kaye was born in the Mission District of San Francisco, to parents who were also City-born and -raised. She attended St. Charles Borromeo Grammar School and Star of the Sea Academy High School. As a teenager during WWII, Kaye dutifully played City host to the many young GIs who descended upon the City.

“We had a lot of fun,” Kaye says, “but my group of girlfriends and I knew we didn’t want to marry someone from far away. We liked where we grew up and wanted to raise our families here.”

After the war, Kaye had a variety of professions, including working as a travel agent for Greyhound Sightseeing Tours in the City. As time went on, she and her close girlfriends decided they were ready to settle down and meet some nice boys, and so the cocktail party was planned.

“We got completely dolled up,” Kaye says. “We were serious about meeting someone.” That was also the case for Kaye’s best friend, Lorraine, whom Kaye befriended in kindergarten and stayed close with throughout their lives. Lucky for Kaye and Lorraine, love was definitely in the air the night of the party, and they each met their future husband that night.

“We all met and hit it off, and before you knew it, weddings were being planned,” Kaye laughs.

When asked if the weddings were modest affairs, given that there were so many to attend in their group of friends, Kaye replies, “No, not at all! We all went all out. Huge formal weddings, with china, furs, all of it.”

After the weddings, Kaye and her group of newly married friends stayed connected, raising their families together, with Lorraine and Kaye both relocating from the City to San Mateo. Once married, Kaye and her husband, Joseph, went on to adopt three children: Michael, Nancy, and Sheila. Raising a growing family kept Kaye on her toes, as did her work as a real estate agent. As their children grew, 5 grandchildren arrived, and now Kaye even has a great-grandbaby who lives just down the road, named Ace.

“His toys are all over here,” she smiles, pointing to a stuffed toy tucked at the top of the sofa. “I love having him nearby.”

When asked how she arrived at Sterling Court, Kaye gives a glowing review.

“I researched Sterling Court years ago when I was selling real estate and needed a place to recommend to my clientele that were selling their longtime homes,” she says. “I always felt good about Sterling Court and I’ve watched it really develop into its own community over the years.”

When the time came for Kaye’s dear friend and fellow cocktail party attendee, Lorraine, to move to more convenient accommodations, Sterling Court was selected, and when Kaye followed suit this past March, Sterling Court was the natural choice.

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