Things You Didn’t Know About Halloween

October 26, 2017

Trick or Treat! 


What do you know about the origins of Halloween? Did you know that Halloween is derived from two words: “Hallowed Eve”? “Hallowed” means “holy” and did you know the Holy Eve of October 31 was originally for Christians, the sacred evening before All Saints Day? All Saints Day is still observed as a day of remembrance and giving of thanks for all the saints who have died. In some cultures, family members of the deceased go to the graves of their departed loved ones and enjoy a family picnic there.

Did you know that the ancient Celts carved out large turnips and put lighted candles inside to drive away evil fairies? When Irish immigrants came to America by the millions to escape the potato famine, they changed the carving of turnips to pumpkins.

Our tradition of trick-or-treating is a rather recent one, but centuries ago on the eve of All Saints Day, poor people went door to door asking for handouts of food, and their requests were granted in hopes a good deed would ward off evil spirits and the ghosts of those in the past.

Did you also know that Americans spend more money on Halloween than on any other holiday except Christmas?

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