Tips and Tricks to Make Daily Tasks Easier

February 20, 2019

iStock-870853432Do-it-yourself (DIY) “life hacks” are popular these days, and for good reason: they’re often simple, inexpensive ways to make your everyday life a little easier to manage.

For seniors especially, certain day-to-day tasks can be done more efficiently with just a few of these life hacks. And while DIY projects may sometimes seem daunting and unapproachable, there are plenty of them that are easy to accomplish. Here are some you might want to try:

Improve Your Grip

If you’re having trouble holding on to your coffee cup in the morning or your glass of water in the afternoon, try this simple remedy: take a few simple rubber bands and wrap them around the object you’re trying to grip. This trick could also work for smaller, thinner objects like pens or toothbrushes. And if you’re stymied by the lids on your jars, keep a pair of rubber gloves around the house to help

give you an extra bit of traction when trying to open them.

Organize Your Refrigerator

It happens to everybody: you buy too many things at the supermarket, and when you go to store them in your refrigerator, you push to the back other items you may want access to in the future. Rather than trying to reach into the back of the fridge, try adding a small, inexpensive Lazy Susan on the shelf. It would allow you to simply rotate your refrigerated items from front to back without worry.

Smooth Out Sharp Corners

Banging your knee on a table can be painful and cause bruising. Avoid these hazards by cushioning sharp furniture corners with moldable putty, which can be found at stores like Michael’s or Target, or with stick-on table guards that are easily found on Amazon. And if these solutions seem a little too DIY for your tastes, simple bubble wrap left over from a package will tape on and do the trick, too.

Make Your TV Remote User-Friendly

Having trouble making out the numbers on your remote control? Try using round bump dots. Found in stores like Target or Bed Bath & Beyond, these inexpensive stickers can be a great help. Try putting them on power, volume, channel up/down, and/or guide.

Shower More Safely

Soap can get slippery in the shower, and if it ends up on the ground it’s not only inconvenient but a falling hazard as well. You can prevent this potentially dangerous situation with a simple hack: take an old pair of panty hose and cut it in half so you’re left with only one leg (gentlemen, you can ask a Sterling Court lady friend for the other half of hers            ). Place the bar of soap in the foot of the hose, then tie the other end either behind the shower head or on a grab bar. That way, you can lather up without fear of losing your grip.

These are just a few DIY hacks you can try. Be creative, and you might just come up with a few to add to this list on your own!

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