Tips for Staying Cool

June 10, 2019

iStock-542110124It’s a real scorcher for us here in the Bay Area and it’s extremely important to stay cool! Heat can cause a lot of different issues that can be life-threatening. Here are some tips to help stay safe: ⠀


Drink a lot of water. Dehydration is the number one concern. It can lead or exacerbate heart related problems. Many medications are dehydrating so make sure to always be sipping on liquid – ideally not caffeine or alcohol.


Wear the right clothing. If you’re still wearing knit sweaters, wool pants and polyester – you might want to switch to cotton. This is the most breathable fabric. Also try linen, rayon and denim.


Stay out of the sun! Well, this might be obvious but sometimes we overlook the simplest solutions. Make sure you’re in a cool place out of the direct sun, ideally some place with air-conditioning or shade. Enjoy the indoors.


️ Keep an eye on the heat index. If it’s humid, your body has a harder time cooling off. The heat index will tell you how it really feels outside by combining humidity, temp and other factors. Most weather sites, apps or channels can tell you. (Or ask one of our staff members to assist you in finding it.)


‍♀️ Stay calm. Try to avoid strenuous activities, exercise or anything that makes you move too much. It’s best to keep you heart rate down in the heat, even if you’re inside. This can lead to exhaustion and dehydration.


⚠️ Know the signs of heat related illness. Our planet is heating up quite fast and we need to know what that does to our bodies. Heat related illnesses will start with dizziness, nausea, headache, increased heartbeat, chest pain, fainting and breathing complications. If you feel like any of this happening to you, seek immediate attention!!


Okay, now that you know stay safe, cool, calm and happy!


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