Celebrate Women’s History Month!

March 3, 2020

Ah March! The wonderful month that ushers in springtime, longer days, more sunshine (for all of us up here in the Northern Hemisphere anyway 😉), and … Women’s History! Shining a light on the incredible impact women have made throughout history – Marie Curie, Jane Austen, Rosa Parks, Rosie the Riveter, Maya Angelou, perhaps your mother or grandmother 😊 to name a few – Women’s History Month salutes both notable and “ordinary” women as it’s impossible to explore certain parts of history without remembering the vision of the women driving it. WHM began in 1978 right here in California, up north in Sonoma as National Women’s Week, and eventually morphed into a month-long celebration. We’re being summoned to honor women and to teach young people, especially young girls, about the powerful role women have played in history, inspiring everyone to dream about how they can fulfill their true potential. No matter if you’re a woman or a man, the most important thing we can achieve in life is to be the best person we can and positively influence the world. Here are a few suggestions on how to pay homage to women and the feminine spirit – past, present, and future.

Write a letter to an inspiring woman in your life.
Put pen to paper and express your gratitude to a woman – a personal connection or a public figure – who truly guided you in your life, inspired you to do your best. If possible, send it to her. If not, sit quietly with your words and then store the letter to memorialize your sentiments to all remarkable women.

Empower yourself with the story of a remarkable woman … like the one showing right here in the Revere Room on Thursday March 5 and 12 at 2:45pm: Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story. (Did you know that this top leading lady was also a talented inventor who created a radio system that is now considered the basis of Bluetooth technology?!) Grab a friend and go see a free screening on March 23 at the San Carlos Public Library of Hidden Figures, 7-8:30pm: “Three African American women at NASA serve as the brains behind a stunning achievement that restored the nation’s confidence, turned around the Space Race, and galvanized the world.” Or simply cozy up with a book about a pioneering female figure who inspires.

Celebrate family.
Delve into your personal history, reach out to friends and relatives and have a memory-lane chat with them, embracing a deeper understanding of your family’s roots and evolution, and how certain women in your life have influenced who you are today.

Encourage the young.
Inspiring up-and-coming girls in the world today to grow into strong, independent women tomorrow is just as important as celebrating the incredible women of the past. WHM is the perfect opportunity to invite your daughters, granddaughters – any of the beloved girls in your life – for a visit. Any sort of gathering will do! Swap stories, share wisdom from the elders to the youth … and vice versa! Happy Women’s History Month!

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