Home is Where the Heart Is

February 14, 2020

At the end of the day, our home is always there for us – a calm sanctuary where we can truly relax and be ourselves. While you’d be hard-pressed to take your living space out to a fancy dinner this Valentine’s Day 🙂, you could instead profess your love for that awesome abode of yours by paying homage (home-age!) to your home sweet home. Expressing your appreciation is sure to make your living space a brighter, happier, healthier place. And isn’t this also the ultimate gift and way to show yourself love? Here are some ideas to demonstrate self-love and home gratitude. After all – home is where the heart is!

The Beauty of a Bouquet.

Flowers – the go-to gift that just doesn’t quit! That pop of color and good energy in your home will make you smile every time you walk in. Lighten your space and soften your mood with the beauty and fragrance of fresh flowers.

Change Up the Décor.

This can be a simple touch, like purchasing some new couch pillow covers – or perhaps attending Jeri’s creative art class on Mondays or Kay’s on Thursdays and making your own! And if sewing isn’t your thing, the process of crafting a piece of art will bring that extra special personal touch to your home. Either way, a little something new will inspire fresh vibes.

Freshen Up.

Spending time cleaning your place is a great way to express love. Show some tender loving care to a section that you’ve overlooked. Tidy up the drawer next to your bed or polish up your living room mirror – shine a little light on a part of your abode that could use some love and enjoy the sparkle!

Nature Soothes the Soul.

Introduce tranquility with all-things Mother Earth: potted plants, shells, rocks, wood – or perhaps the lovely sounds of a water fountain. Most any of the elements of nature will inspire joy and calm in your living space.

Dress It Up.

A unique lamp, a new piece of art, a fun refrigerator magnet – fresh additions, small or big, bring your own personal style and signature to your home. Join us on one of our shopping trips Mondays and Wednesdays and see what catches your eye! Items that make you happy reflect those good feelings back at you. [smiley face emoji]

Fill It with Friends and Family.

Make new memories in your home by inviting over those closest to you, perhaps sipping tea, enjoying each other’s company, sharing stories, catching up. The wonderful energy that only comes with being with dear ones will infuse your space with love.

Slow Down … Embrace Your Space.

Lastly, but perhaps most importantly, sit down and soak it all in. There’s great healing beauty in sitting still with ourselves in our own space and being grateful, truly embracing the moment, and feeling the love. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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