Phil & Lois Everett: The Perfect Team

December 18, 2018

As you walk along the halls of Sterling Court, you don’t need to go very far to hear an extraordinary story – or maybe even two. Phil and Lois Everett have been married for 63 years. Even after just one conversation with them, it’s clear they’re just as happy together now as they were when they first met so many years ago.

Phil is an entertainer at heart. Throughout his life, he joined local community theatre troupes and performed in various works, even writing some of his own. It comes as no surprise that he’s a natural storyteller. He immediately dives into the story of how he and Lois met in Staten Island, New York, where they were both born and raised.

“A friend of mine was in a social club,” Phil says, before smiling at his wife. “Lois happened to be in the same club!”

Bowling was one of the activities that the social club participated in. As fate would have it, Phil and Lois wound up being placed on the same bowling team. Lois admits she knew nothing about bowling. But the upside was that Phil was her captain.

“That’s when I fell for him, right then and there,” Lois adds matter-of-factly. While Phil seems more of the jokester between the two, Lois also brings on the humor when speaking of her husband. “I used to stand behind him and think, ‘oh he looks quite nice!’ 

The youngest child in a big family, Lois always did well in school as a girl. Due to financial hardships, however, she was unable to pursue her education after graduating from high school. But a couple of decades after Lois and Phil had married and moved to San Mateo, she admirably continued her education. She first attended the College of San Mateo before getting her Bachelor’s Degree from San Francisco State University, graduating on the same day that their eldest child, Eileen, graduated high school in 1974. Lois went on to earn her Master’s Degree in Accounting from the College of Notre Dame in Belmont. She was in her 30s.

Phil wasted no time praising his wife, crediting her perseverance in continuing her studies and uplifting their family. Lois, in turn, said the same thing about her husband. She credits how his hard work throughout the years helped enable her to continue her education.

Over the years, Phil held various jobs to make a good living for his wife and two children (their son, Mark, lives nearby with his wife). Phil had experience in being a stable hand, a longshore- man, and a custodian. But theatre was always a big part of his life. Evidently, Eileen had shared this trait. Phil and Lois proudly state that in high school, she had a part in a production of “Fiddler on the Roof.”

With such adventurous lives, Phil and Lois are both enjoying life at Sterling Court. Even now, they continue to be an amazing team. Phil enjoys cooking, but Lois does not. It’s no problem at all, according to Phil. “I cook and she cleans up.”

Clearly, it’s the perfect deal.

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