The McCrory Story: It Started on an Elevator

December 16, 2019

Molly and Charlie McCrory have the perfect “How we met” story. Even though they both went to college in Ohio and knew a lot of the same people, it wasn’t until a couple of years later when they were in the same elevator on Sansome Street in San Francisco that they officially met. They got on at the top floor and talked the whole way down. When they reached the ground floor Charlie went to take Molly’s arm but got only sweater. Holding her empty sleeve he said, “You need something to eat!” and took her to a coffee shop. The result of that chance meeting is three lovely daughters, six wonderful grandchildren, and a treasured great-grandchild who soon turns one-year-old.

The ways Molly and Charlie each got to San Francisco are very different stories.

After college, Molly became a teacher and spent the first summer traveling Europe with friends. The second year, she bought a ’47 Plymouth and with $80 in her pocket, hit the road for San Francisco. When she arrived, she taught school and lived on Pacific Avenue with a group of girls. During summer vacations, she worked office jobs.

The Korean War was on, so Charlie joined the Navy and served two years as the anti-submarine officer on a destroyer called the “USS Taussig.” When he got out of the service, he started law school and had a host of jobs to pay for schooling, including working as a steel rigger carrying a bucket of bolts across I-beams up 8-stories high, maintaining track on the railroad, and serving as a private investigator.

Once they married, Charlie began his legal career and just 3 years later started his own legal firm and Molly was his secretary. He even argued and won a case in front of the Supreme Court! They raised their daughters in Atherton and the family traveled extensively.

In 1999, Molly and two others started a non-profit called “Yes Reading,” where they tutored elementary school children who struggled with reading. What started with 25 students, is now called “Reading Partners” and last year served over 11,000 students across the country. Molly still tutors high schoolers locally.

Charlie organized “Camp T” where every summer he would take his grandsons on adventure weeks that included rock climbing, camping out, or a horseback riding. “Camp T was the joy of Charlie’s life,” said Molly.

Charlie had also been investing in real estate, both local and in Texas, so once he retired from the law, the couple moved to Dallas. They had seven great years there both working and playing a lot of tennis. Molly still plays tennis twice a week!

They returned to California in 2008 and lived in Menlo Park. Earlier this year, when they began looking for their next home, Molly saw a newspaper ad for Sterling Court. On their first visit, Charlie said, “I think I’m home!” He was impressed with the architecture, high ceilings, and the gardens. Molly was struck by how nice and civil everyone is to each other.

They are both enthusiastic about Sterling Court’s menu! “The chef is from France and the food is really special,” said Charlie. “It’s fresh, beautifully prepared, delicious, and a good variety.” Molly said that it’s also well-balanced and nutritious. Charlie is a big fan of Bella who bakes the spectacular cakes, pies, and tortes. Fortunately, Charlie also enjoys visiting Sterling Court’s gym facilities every day! Best of all, Sterling Court is close to their family who visit and gather often for birthdays and holidays. “For us, family is everything!” said Molly. All told, that was a very lucky elevator ride!

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